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principal-imgThe great painstaking efforts of the founder late Rev. Fr Bernard L D’Souza is bearing fruit in Lourdes central school. The plant has grown into a tree by nurturing hands of Rev.Dr Victor Machado and now by Rev. Wilson D’Souza. The steering hands of Mrs Grace Noronha and Rev. Fr Ferdinand Gonsalves have shown destination to many. Lourdes central school today proudly stands as a premier institution by global accreditation. . It is my privilege to lead such an institution with large number of students and the staff.

Education has lot of challenges today. The teacher cannot be content with traditional models. They need to inculcate professional development by integration new technologies to deliver effective formative assessments.

Jawaharl Nehru said “Education is not something in the air, cut off from the daily life of the student or from its future work as a citizen. Real education, its is felt must be based on the actual environment and experiences of the child and it must fit him for the work he will have to do in later life”. Hence the children are not resources rather they are potentialities. Education should be seen as a process of helping out children to actualize their good given potentialities so that they can live a life that is personally satisfying and socially beneficial. Therefore the child’s unique capabilities are to be recognized and facilitated.

LCS promotes the four basic skills among the students. They are cognition, communication, imagination and valuation. It is our mission to develop spiritual, moral, academic, personal and social growth of the students.

Parents remember that you are the trustees of the children. The children belong to god and therefore they need to be treated as guests we should be looking after their comfort, security and when the time comes they have to go on.


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