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LCS CLUB REPORT ~ 20-08-2016

1)Music Club:
Club members practiced prayer song –‘One Day at a Time’.

Quiz was conducted on various currencies of the world.

3)Heritage Club:
Group discussion was conducted on traditional and modern life styles.

4)Theatre Club:
Extempore was conducted to enhance public speaking skills among students.

5)Art Club:
Students learnt various steps involved in miniature painting and pencil sketching.

6)Eco Club:
Students were trained to make flower vases using waste plastic bottles.

7)Astronomy club:
Group discussion about presentations on astronomy was conducted.

Scouts learnt fisherman knot under the guidance of their scout master.

9)Maths Club:
Students of classes VI, VII and IX solved sums on number solving, reasoning and algebra.
Class X solved revision question paper for Board Exams.

10)Eastern Singing Club:
Students learnt the hindi song-‘Ek tu hi barosa.

11)Readers Club:
Class activity – ‘To guess the title of the novel’ was conducted.

12)Dance Club:
Practiced dance steps of ‘Sorry; and ‘Ladki Beautiful’.

Teacher discussed about ‘First Aid Box’.


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