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Orientation programme class X 2016-17

Orientation programme class X 2016-17

An orientation programme was organized on the topic effects of electronic gadgets on March 21, 2016 to make the students of class X aware of the repercussions of using electronic gadgets. The resource person for the day was

Ms. Lalitha G. Mallya, Educational Consultant and motivational speaker.

The session was very educative and interesting. The students were told about the various aspects of electronic gadgets. The bad effects of mobile and how to use different electronic gadgets were few of the topics discussed. The resource person highlighted the harmful effects of using mobile phones like eye problems, obesity, time wastage. She gave numerous examples and visuals to show how the use of mobile phones could be the cause of distraction and dishonesty in children.

Finally she opined that a judicial use of electronic gadgets could help in the progress of a given work or task.

The session was interesting and informative as it made us aware of the correct usage of internet and electronic media.


Melisha Mascarenhas

Class X C