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‘Empowering Teachers is the key to Enhancing Education’

One of our greatest assets in the society are teachers. Teachers play such an enormous role in the lives of students. They have the ability to inspire, empower, and foster environments of self-confidence, passion, and nurturance or the complete opposite.

Lourdes Central School under the guidance of the Principal Rev Fr Robert D’Souza and the Vice-Principal Ms. Belita Mascarenhas organized an eventful and enriching orientation programme for the teachers from 26th May to 31th May 2016.

  1. 26th May 2016 : To enable the teachers conduct better and get geared up for the academic session the entire teaching staff along the Principal and Vice- Principal discussed the rules that have to be followed in the school which also included the discussion on anecdotal record ,meeting with parents etc. A crisp and neat presentation on rules and regulations was related to the teacher by Ms. Anita Thomas and Mr. Henry Mascarenhas.
  2. 27TH May 2016: with a noble intention of honing the teaching skills in order to create a gratifying teaching-learning experience an enriching and informative session was held by Dr. Krishna Prasad on Child Psychology and different brain waves.

Health and Wellness plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of an institution, hence to facilitate a proactive Health and Wellness Club Ms Harshitha gave a small talk coupled with a presentation on the objectives, format and the activities of the club.

  1. 28th May 2016: Teacher is a lifelong learner. The teaching fraternity has to keep abreast with the ever changing technology and the mindset of the students, thereby. Keeping this in view LCS conducted a workshop on CCE- interdisciplinary projects by Mrs. Usha Varadarajan-CCE coordinator DPS and a session on First aid by Dr Amrita S of Srinivas Medical College. The session was indeed engaging and effective equipping the teachers for better assessment and care.
  2. 30th May 2016 : Classroom management is an integral part of pedagogy that aims to enhance learning. To equip the teachers with better classroom management skills a session was conducted by Ms. Mamta Bhandary- Clinical psychologist, K.S Hegde medical college. The facts shared were very informative and practical. The session was learning centered with questionnaires, discussion and sharing of experiences.
  3. 31st May 2016: To sharpen and accentuate the classroom management skills another session on the same was conducted by Ms. Linet D’Souza. The PPT on the tools and techniques for better classroom management was effective and well accepted.

The sessions culminated with expressing gratitude to the resource persons and the assurance that the entire staff of LCS is now geared up and equipped to take Lourdes Central School to the next level. The very ambiance reaffirmed the commitment of the teachers of providing quality education.