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Career guidance for commerce students -classes XI and XII – 11. 6. 2019

Career guidance for commerce students on 11. 6. 2019

There was a career guidance talk held for the commerce students (XI & XII) of Lourdes Central School. The talk was held by Mr. Sreeram, a fluent speaker and a student of business management and economics. He enlightened the students on different career options and how one can have alternatives in the field of commerce. He spoke about the trends and culture in which youth of today go after. He highlighted on two career options – Management in Business Administration and Law.

He spoke about how Management in Business Administration develops one’s personality and what makes them different. He guided students on different options under MBA and the different opportunities offered by it. He then spoke about the legal system in India i.e. Law. He gave practical examples as to how basic awareness of law aspects was of importance. He illustrated on how the nation requires an advanced judiciary system and a lawyer can be of help to the society.  Side by side, he explained about Civil Service Exams, the importance of the teaching profession, investment banking and entrepreneurism.

He concluded by expressing his views and opinions that learning never stops and chances need to be taken to achieve what we desire. He signed off by concluding that there are industries which are in need of brilliant and talented people.

Acknowledgements:  On behalf of Class XI & XII, we would like to thank our Fr. Principal Robert D’souza and our vice principal Mrs. Belita Mascarenhas of LCS for arranging this career guidance for us. We are thankful to our teachers for leading us through this Career guidance.

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