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On June 30th and July 1st, 20 students of Lourdes Central School from classes 9 to 12 took part in the Indian International Model United Nations held in Sharada Residential School, Udupi. Over the course of the weekend, the students engaged in debate and discussion over global and national issues in select committees; namely, the United Nations Security Council discussing ‘Partially recognised territories with special reference to Somaliland’, the Lok Sabha Committee deliberating upon ‘The Question of LGBT Rights in India with emphasis on the amendment to the Section 377’, the United Nations Women Committee scrutinising ‘2030 Agenda with special reference to the strategic plan 2018-2021’ and the United Nations Environment Programme.
Through two days consisting of 3 two-hour committee sessions each, we were exposed to the intricacies of diplomatic relations and the general workings of the world’s largest forum of international cooperation, the United Nations. Being the largest Model United Nations Organisation on the planet, IIMUN gave us a platform to cultivate and showcase various skills ranging from the social to the oratory. With experienced chairpersons, including our very own Aman Bhargava (of class 12), we were led smoothly through extremely complicated themes. Lourdes Central School is proud to have gathered several accolades, including two Best Delegates, two Special Mentions and two Verbal Mentions. We are grateful to the school for allowing us to embark on this unforgettable journey and hope that many more come our way!
The following students won awards at the conference:
Shreyas Pai of XII A : Best Delegate of UN Security Council
Zareen Rahman Kareem of XI B: Best Delegate of UN Environment Programme
Anshula Pramod Ullal of XIA : Special Mention UN Women
Yatin Satish of XII A : Verbal Mention Lok Sabha
Vanshika Shetty of XIIC : Verbal Mention Lok Sabha
Muhammed Khaleel of XI C : Special Mention UN Environment programme

Report by : Yatin Satish & Shreyas Pai