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Punctuality- The Essence of Life

Punctuality is not about being on time,it is basically about respecting your own commitments

A day was observed in Lourdes Central School for Punctuality on 7.2.22 (Tuesday) and an assembly was conducted. A student gave a beautiful introduction on punctuality and as to why it is important in our daily lives. The thought for the day was ‘Punctuality is the key to success’ which explained a lot about punctuality.A song on punctuality was melodiously sung by the school choir with a message to be punctual in every moment. ‘A Punctual Lourdite’ was the speech delivered by Parin of class 8B who said that it was better to be early than being late cause when we  are punctual everything falls in place and we also derive respect from the society. It is easier to manage academics by keeping up punctuality.

The birthday children were then wished Fr Principal added a quote of Swami Vivekanada ‘ When you are doing any work devote your time for it, don’t think beyond’. He appreciated the punctuality which is well maintained by everyone during the new academic year. He also reminded the students to bring their books according to the timetable and separate tiffin bag

The punctuality programme was an unique, useful and an enlightening one to all at Lourdes Central School.