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Career Guidance
Career guidance programme was held for the commerce students of class XI and XII on 7th July 2018. This session was conducted by Professor Raviraj Kini, HOD,Department of Communication, NITTE. Our teachers Ma’am Bindiya Kudal and Ma’am Akshitha V accompanied us for this session. Ekta of class XI C delivered the welcome address. The resource person spoke about various career opportunities in the field of mass media for the students of commerce. He also spoke about different issues in the society and how we can raise these issues and make a difference in the society. He also told us about the power of media and how much media could influence someone. He also mentioned about the various ways through which we can fight for our rights and also take help of the media for the same. He also insisted that the youth must cultivate the habit of reading. Not just reading books of a particular genre, but to read all types of books including contemporaries of our own region. The session was very informative and by the end of the session, we were filled with knowledge and various aspects of different matters and happenings around us. The session was concluded by Muhammed Khaleel of class XI C by delivering the vote of thanks. We are truly grateful to the school for organizing such an informative session.