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Theatrical Club

It is said that a theatre is a sacred space for actors. Thirty five students were the members of the theatrical club. The teachers’ incharge were Ms Lavina Castelino and Ms Grace Roche.

To initiate the club the students were asked to introduce themselves with some gestures and actions on the first day. Later many activities like mono-acting, narrating a story, writing down dialogues for the skit based on the stories in groups were conducted. Stories were narrated with voice modulation. Students were trained to write dialogues. Printed dialogues were given to the students for practice with proper intonation, gesture, body language and voice modulation.

Students were given skits like- The Six candles, Anita’s Birthday Party, The Sick World and The Hidden Treasures in four groups for which they were given a trial round wherein the teachers helped each one to practice the dialogues.

The students gained self-confidence, overcame stage fear, enriched their talents through oral presentations. They viewed some videos on dialogue exchange and storytelling. Each student brought out the inborn talent in them and their theatrical skills were developed.

Theatrical club for senior students under the guidance of Ms Gowri and Ms Dilla conducted many activities such as dumb charades, pick and act, Pictionary etc.

Students were given the opportunity to act out skits of many genres such as comedy, literature and moral. Students were put in groups of four and assigned plays. Some of the acts were “Mind you language”, “A glass of milk” and “The Merchant of Venice”. The teachers ensured that all the students were involved.