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LCS Silver Jubilee Celebration

“25 years of cherished memories, shared laughter, and enduring friendships – a silver jubilee that echoes the legacy of LCS journey. Here’s to the past, present, and the countless moments yet to unfold as we celebrate a quarter-century of growth, unity, and unwavering spirit.”

The Silver Jubilee Celebration of Lourdes Central School was held on Thursday, 25th January, 2024 at 5 p.m. in the School Ground. The Silver Jubilee Celebration commenced with a traditional welcome to the dignitaries- President Bishop Most Rev Peter Paul Saldanha, Chief Guest Shri U T Khader Fareed, Guests of Honour Rev Fr Antony Shera, Secretary CBE, Prof. Mathew C Ninan, Director Little Rock Indian School, ,  Rev Dr. J B Saldanha, Manager LCS  , Rev Fr Suraj Lobo, Rev Fr Vincent Sequeira and Rev Fr Leston Lobo, Bejai Parish Pastoral Parishad Vice President Mr Ashok Pinto and Secretary Ms Cyntia Avitha Pinto, former Vice President Bejai Parish Pastoral Parishad Mr Augustine Rodrigues, Mr Michael Dsouza, benefactor, PTEC Vice President Ms Rithika Jindal (2023-24), and Dr Rashmi D Souza (2022-23), student representatives Miss Ridhi Chowta and Master Riyon Jake Monteiro accompanied by the Principal Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza, Vice Principals Ms Belita Mascarenhas and Ms Anita Thomas,enveloping attendees in the warmth of cultural hospitality. A solemn guard of honour paid homage to the journey’s resilience and achievements, standing as a symbolic testament to the institution’s unwavering commitment and the dignified passage of 25 remarkable years.

For the silver jubilee celebrations, a captivating welcome dance performance set the tone for the event, enchanting the audience with graceful movements and vibrant expressions.  The performance not only welcomed attendees but also added a touch of elegance and cultural richness to the overall festivities.

 A soul-stirring prayer song was sung by the school choir. The melodic notes and heartfelt lyrics set a reflective tone, invoking a sense of unity and thankfulness as attendees joined together in a moment of spiritual connection, marking the auspicious occasion of the silver jubilee.

Rev Dr John Baptist Saldanha in his welcome address said, “Lift the banner high, hold high its name and keep bright the flame. Hurry to Lourdes Central School for the name is high and the flame is bright.” He paid homage to the founder Late Rev Fr Bernard L D’Souza and welcomed the august gathering.  .

 In the context of LCS silver jubilee celebration, a bird’s eye view was presented by the Principal Rev Fr Robert D’souza to symbolize a comprehensive appreciation of the 25-year journey, embracing both the finer nuances and the grand achievements that have shaped the legacy of the institution.

LCS proudly extended its heartfelt felicitations to the outstanding student achievers in various national and international fields – Shriyana S Mallya ( Chess) of Class 8, Ahaan P Amin (SOF Olympiad) of Class 2, Athish S Shetty (Kick Boxing)  of Class 8, Rudra Rajeev (Chess) of Class 7, Aarna Raajesh (Skating)  of Class 3, Anaggha Raajesh (Skating) of Class 8, Tanmay Shetty (Rajyotsava Award) of Class 8 and Vraddhi Jain ( General Knowledge) of Class 10 who were felicitated by the Chief Guest Shri U T Khader.

Ms Deepa Dsouza introduced the Chief Guest Sri U T Khader, Hon. Speaker of the Karnataka Legislative Assembly. The Chief Guest was felicitated by the dignitaries. The Chief Guest in his address expressed his pleasure to be a part of the Silver Jubilee Celebration. He thanked the LCS community of the past and the present for making this institution reach great heights. He said only education can make children true patriots of our nation. He said the children of today are the future of our country and they can build a better nation. He emphasised on a secular society and the need to inculcate values in our children.

The distinguished guest speaker Prof. Mathew C. Ninan director of Little Rock Indian School Bhramavar, was introduced by Ms Gretta Menezes and felicitated by the dignitaries. In his address Prof Ninan mentioned that Lourdes School has been very close to his heart. He complimented the school for a remarkable progress. He remembered the founder as a dynamic person and also a man of great courage and confidence. He said school is not made up of magnificent buildings, the soul and spirit of an institution is made up of Principal, Management, Faculty, Students and Parents, who put their heart and soul into the work. He said with the right kind of nurturing, children will grow as balanced human beings.

In a poignant moment of recognition, LCS extended a heartfelt gratitude to the visionary leaders who have steered the course of the school over the past 25 years. The Principals, who, through their dedication and leadership, left an indelible mark on the institution’s journey, were fondly remembered. In the absence of the first Principal Ms Grace Noronha words of appreciation and felicitation were expressed by Ms Anita Thomas, further the succeeding Principals Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Gonsalves and Rev Fr Michael Lobo were honoured and felicitated by the Bishop of Mangalore and all the dignitaries on the dais. Each Principal has brought a unique vision, passion, and commitment to excellence, shaping the educational landscape and fostering an environment conducive to growth. Their tireless efforts, resilience in facing challenges, and unwavering belief in the potential of every student have been the cornerstone of success.

Ms Shaila Pereira introduced the LCS Managers. The LCS Managers were felicitated by the dignitaries. The five visionaries’ commitment to fostering a nurturing and dynamic educational environment has paved the way for countless achievements and milestones. Their strategic decisions and commitment to excellence have been instrumental in shaping the trajectory of the institution. LCS is ever grateful to the Late Rev Fr Bernard D Souza, Late Rev Fr J P Tauro, Rev Dr. Victor Machado, Rev Fr Wilson L. Vitus D’Souza, and Rev Dr J B Saldanha. A due recognition was given to the Bejai Parishioners  and well wishers for their contributions and sacrifices in building the LCS. Mr Augustine Rodrigues was felicitated by the dignitaries. Mr Michael DSouza, a philanthropist was felicitated by Rev Fr Antony Shera.

Rev Fr Antony Shera, the Secretary, CBE, who is an epitome of knowledge and experience, addressed the gathering. In his message he congratulated the Manager, Principal, Staff, Students and Parents on the joyous occasion. He spoke about the four pillars of an institution. First pillar is the management with farsighted vision. Second pillar  is the staff- well qualified and dedicated. Third pillar are the students with thirst for knowledge. Fourth pillar are the supportive parents. He wished a bright future for LCS.

The Silver Jubilee edition of the school magazine ‘Lourdite 2023-24’, a chronicle that encapsulates the essence of the academic journey over the past year was unveiled by the dignitaries. Packed with stories of triumphs, accomplishments, and the vibrant tapestry of experiences, this magazine stands as a testament to the collective spirit that defines the school community. The school is also fortunate to receive the Papal blessings from Pope Francis was entrusted to the Principal by the Bishop.

The President’s words are not just a reflection on the past 25 years but a beacon guiding towards a future filled with promise and possibilities. Bishop Most Rev Peter Paul Saldanha in his message congratulated the management, Principal, staff, parents and students. He emphasised that the need of the hour is upholding values and urged the parents to instil moral values in their children

In essence, gratitude is not just a feeling; it is a transformative force that enriches our journey and strengthens the fabric of our connections with others. To say it in words, Ms Belita Mascarenhas, the Vice Principal thanked everyone who were involved in making the Silver Jubilee a grand success.

The cultural programme began with a documentary that depicted the memories of the past twenty-five years, followed by the rendition of the Silver Jubilee Song composed by Rev Fr Suraj Lobo Asst Parish Priest and directed by Mr. Ivan Mascarenhas, music by Mr Roshan Corderio and produced by Lourdes Central School.

To relax and brighten up the mood of the audience, the tiny buds from Kindergarten presented a teeny-weeny buddy dance and play.

Kannada Comedy Act depicted materialistic life in the present generation.

Classes 1-6 reminisced memories of the alumni and graced the stage with captivating folk dances of India.   

The finale program was a crescendo of emotions, a celebration of achievements, and a tribute to the shared memories that have shaped the past 25 years. Students of classes 7, 8, and 9 showcased exceptional values in a seamlessly woven dance drama “Climb Every Mountain” directed and written by Mrs. Ramona Mathias. Mrs Ramona Mathais was felicitated by the Principal for her generosity in sharing her expertise and sparing her valuable time.

The entire programme was compèred by Kshithi G Shetty, Sharvi Shetty, Keith D’Souza, Dia Rodriguez, Naman Acharya, Esther Fernandes, Saanvi Rai, A B Cheryl, and Dhanvi Rai.

The programme was convened by Ms. Shaila Pereira and Ms. Deepa Dsouza.