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Manager’s Message

Shalom! Peace be with you all.

It is always an awesome experience to receive the copy of the annual magazine ‘Lourdite’ of  Lourdes Central School, Bejai. Hearty congratulations to the Principal, the Staff and the Students who have toiled hard to compile the magazine in a meticulous manner.

The academic year 2021-22 started with online classes and thereafter continued with offline classes. Nearly for two years the students had missed the opportunity of coming to the school and budding together.

The tiny tots had to start their schooling even without entering the school campus. They had to start student life without even entering the classrooms. The virtual classroom experience must have been a nightmare both for the students and teachers. The school management and the parents too shared the same anxiety and it worried everyone who was involved in the process of educating the future citizens of India.

However things changed, when the schools were reopened. The children very well adapted to the changed circumstances and began to cope up with the lessons. However it was evident that students had slowed down in assimilating the study matter and certainly the impact was due to Covid.

Covid has indeed taught us many lessons. Most importantly parents, teachers, students and management have realized that all need to work hand in hand as one team. It has led to the realization that all of us need one another for the welfare of the children. Everyone has learnt that the all-round formation of children must be the focus of our education and every new education policy.

The government of India has come up with the new education policy. It will be a challenging experience to understand and grow with the objectives proposed in the new education policy. What is important is that we strive hard to form gifted leaders for the nation. Side by side it is equally important that we mold the children to become responsible parents of the future.

India is our mother land, a land of rich diversity in every respect. It is a land of many religions. Irrespective of our beliefs and customs all are called to contribute for the up-building of the nation. While retaining our religious identities, let us learn to care and share and respect everyone in the school campus as well as in the society.

With every good wish,

Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha

Manager, Lourdes Central School.