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Artistic Calligraphy


Creativity is a form of art which is in bounty in Lourdes Central School. We can see this in our early stages of learning in Kindergarten Section in Lourdes Central School. To highlight this we the Kindergarten section of LCS conducted ‘Artistic Calligraphy’, for the students of KG 1 and

KG 2 on 30.01.2017. Every student enthusiastically took part in this competition.

Eminent judges of this competition judged the handwriting of these little ones.


Winners  of this competition were

KG 1 A  

I         – Chaitanya Dinesh

II        – Saanvi B

III       – Tamnna

KG I B  

I          – Vansh P Shetty

II         – Shaivi Raj

III        – Pranav S Shetty


KG I C        

I          -Minal M

II        – Keerthan G

III       – J Ananth K Bhat



I         – Kanishka Ashok

II        – Risha Shetty

III       – Yogitha S

KG II B      

I         – Saanvi T R

II        – Shriya

III       – Anum Nafeesa Anwar



I         – Tara Bhandary

II        – Deepika Riya Lobo

III       – Ishana Rajesh Kotian

Children were motivated to improve their handwriting through this competition.

Ms Grace Roche and Ms Lavita D’souza were incharge of the competition.