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On 29th September 2016, the students of class XI and XII were exuberant, as they were on their way to the versatile city of Manipal. All the students   gathered in the school campus  and   Fr Principal   advised us and blessed the trip. We left the campus at 8 am and all along the journey to Manipal of one and a half hours, there was good   interaction between the teachers and students, complemented with fun, games, singing and dancing. At Udupi   we had a yummy breakfast of our own choice and then the two buses diversified their routes. Class XI went to the museum of anatomy and pathology, while class XII went to the planetarium. The museum was mainly comprised of a lot of dead   things, mainly for educational and research purposes. However, the planetarium had a 3 D show on “ the dawn of the space age”, which was  very interesting and informative. Then the students of class XI went to the planetarium and the students of class XII went to the museum. After that at around 1:30 pm, the students had a hearty lunch of hot and spicy biriyani. Following that, it was their final stop at Manipal, The End Point.

The students had a long walk ahead of them, from the  gates till the site. The walk was very tiresome as the sun was bestowing its heat on  all the students and teachers. But, the site was worth the trek. The view was beautiful, the river gurgling and flowing through the foliage across the land and reaching its final destination, the ocean. Photo-clicks here and there with teachers and students as well, was all it took to embed this beautiful and breathtaking scenary in our hearts. On the way back, to refresh and relax, the students and teachers made a pit stop at the park where they played games, took photos and had fun. After replenishing their energy, the students got a ride to the ice-cream parlour and had a mouth watering glass of ‘gadbad’. Finally, it was time to bid goodbye to Manipal and time to tap our feet, snap our fingers and swing in our seats, yes it was the ultimate  time to enjoy all the way back home. In simpler words, the ride back home was filled with laughter, joy and dancing. Last but not the least, it was  a memorable journey which the students of Higher Secondary  enjoyed to the fullest.

Meghana Rao And Cherryl Rego of class XI C

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