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LCS club finale conducted on 21-01-2017
Maths Club:
Class 10 students solved Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) based problems.
Class 8 solved HOTS based problems.
Class 6 and 7 solved problems on decimal and mensuration.


Heritage club:
Students went on a field trip to St Aloysius Museum, St Aloysius Chapel and Bejai Museum.
Art Club:
Art Master discussed about stencil cutting ,grafitti drawing and fabric painting.
Readers Club:
Students played various games like pictionary, hangman and dumbcharades. Students also read novels.
Chess Club:
Chess classes conducted.
Quiz conducted on Indian currency.
Eco Club:
Students visited Sai Plant Nursery in Bejai. They gained lot of information on air plants,spice plants,bonsai etc.
Theatre Club:
Students played Pantopmine- a mime on fairy tales which has dialogues.
Astronomy club:
Teachers discussed on space and different stars.
Teacher had discussed with students about Pratham Sopan and Dvithiya Sopan.
Eastern Singing:
Students practised songs for club finale.