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LCS Club Activities conducted on 27-08-2016

LCS Club Activities conducted on 27-08-2016


Eco Club:
Class VI to VIII students were trained to make wall hangings from waste match box.
Class IX and X students participated in Extempore.


Guide teachers discussed about First Aid Box.


Eastern Singing Club:
Students learnt Tum Hi Ho –Hindi song.


Readers Club:
Club members watched video on Mother Theresa.


Music Club:
Practiced songs for Assembly to be conducted on September 1st and 2nd 2016.


Dance Club:
Students learnt dance steps of Gallan Gudiyan ,Sorry and Kar Gayi Chull.


Maths Club:
Class VI,VII and VIII students solved sums on Trignometry.
Class IX and X solved revision question paper.


Scout master discussed about flag pole, ropes and steeves and assembly of Scouts (Shore shoe shape).


Art Club:
Art Master discussed about charcoal and water colour painting.


Children exhibited collection of various currencies.


Theatre Club:
Skit on cultural differences was enacted by members of theatre club.


Astronomy Club:
Quiz was conducted on Constellation of Stars.


Heritage Club:
Students presented the chart on Monuments of various states.


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