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“Our Creator has stored within our minds and personalities great potential, strength and ability.  prayer helps us   and develop these powers ,spoke Harshitaa of Class 1VB who had a makeover of Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam, who described Mangaluru as beautiful and Vibrant, on the finale of the LIVE GREEN PROJECT. The whole assembly was conducted in a grand style. Prayer song praising nature, thought for the day “Save tree they are poems the earth writes upon the Sky” was mimed the boy students of primary section. Tree Hugger, a lovely song for the word of the day and the pledge depicted in the dance form was simply marvellous. Another breath taker was again a dance by class 4 student which conveyed message to save trees and the beautiful nature. Birthday boy was showered with wishes by singing an innovative birthday song “Evergreen birthday to you, may you dear grow and bloom”. Mother nature danced when the students sang the Finale song “Plant a tree for tomorrow,   holding   saplings of flowers  in their hands.

The comperers were par excellence. Kudos to grade 1 to 5 primary section of Lourdes central School and the teaching faculty  .  Father Manager and Father Principal congratulated the Lourdite family for hosting the   meaningful  project and the terrace echoed  when Father Principal shouted the slogans Don’t be mean,  ‘grow green. Nurture trees Live green’.

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