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Finale of Sports Week-2018 for classes KG – V

“Sport is not just about playing and winning.It is also about the teamwork and fun. It is the preserver of health and one of the basic joys of life”.

As a part of annual sports day LCS celebrated a sports week from NOember 2nd to November 9th 2018. The entire week was dedicated to sports activities. Throughout the week, Little kindergartners as well as the students from classes I-V involved themselves in playing different games individually as weel as in groups. Housewise games were conducted for KG students under the theme “I win,you win,we all win”.

The Finale of Sports week for classes KG-V was held in the LCS school grounds on 9th November 2018. The programme commenced at 8:00 am with the devotional prayer song sung by Class IV students.

The dignitaries, Manager Fr.Wilson Vitus D’souza, principal Rev.Fr.Robert D’souza, Vice Principal,Ms.Belita Mascarenhas and the Chief Guest Ms.Sukanya Acharya were escorted to stage by the School band.

Ms.Apoline,the co-ordinator of classes I to V,welcome the gathering and introduced the Chief guest Ms.Sukanya Acharya.

Students of classes I-V performed the mass drill and the KG students attracted the attention of audience through pom-pom display. Students sang the LCS house song with immense respect.

Prizes were distributed to the winners of various competitions held earlier,in connection with the LCS sports week. The Chief guest of the ceremony honoured the prize winners. She addressed the gathering and said “ Every individual should involve in one or the other sport to gain confidence and to develop physical and mental balance”.

The Manager Fr.Wilson Vitus D’souza presented his opinion on physical fitness and sports. The Principal Rev.Fr.Robert D’souza inspired the gathering through his encouraging words. He appreciated the little Lourdites for their active participation in all the sport activities.

Ms.Anita Pinto expressed the words of gratitude for being enthusiastic and co-operative throughout the sports week.

The programme  concluded at 9.30 am with the school anthem. Mementos were given to the KG students. The entire programme was compered by Dhanya and Shreshta from class 5 and was a fruitful one.

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