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The subject enrichment activity for classes I to V was organized on 16th February 2019. The students were asked to make models or charts on the subject-related topics in Social and Science. The topics given were – Safety and first aid, Natural disasters,Interdependence in nature, Day sky and Night sky,Save environment etc.

The tiny tots began the interesting activity with a pleasant mood at 8:10 am. They were enthused to use different materials for the construction of models and learnt a bunch of techniques to fix things in its place. This helped them develop innovative ideas and put their heart and soul in their little invention.

The creative ideas of students were picturised beautifully on the charts they made.

The Principal Rev.Fr.Robert D’souza, Vice Principal Ms. Belita Mascarenhas and the staff viewed the artistic work of the students and were enthralled by it.

The Social science teachers of the school Ms. Gowri Ravi, Ms. Rekha Naveen, Ms. Lavina Serrao, Ms. Lavina Castelino and Ms. Vivita D’souza assessed the activity and graded the students based on the set criteria. The judges also appreciated the students for their thoughtful presentation.The exhibition of the models and charts continued till 11:30 am.

The subject enrichment activity was planned effectively and executed successfully. It created a great impression in the minds of the children.

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