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CBSE Expression Series

CBSE  Expression Series was conducted by Lourdes central school on 17th and 18th

 December 2019 for the students of classes III to XII on the following:

Classes III to V had Paragraph writing/ painting on the topic “I am a Water Saviour!” OR “Be Water Wise!”

Classes VI to VIII had Essay /Painting/poem on the topic “Thoughts I had When There Was No Water Supply for a Day at Home!” OR “How I Motivated My Friends for saving water?”

Classes IX and X had Story / Poem/ Painting on the topic “Story of Water” OR “The Case of the Mightiest Mr .Water!”

Classes XI and XII had Article / Painting/Poem on the topic “Joining Rivers to Save our Future.” OR “Indianizing the Global Measures for Water Conservation”

Students of classes III to XII actively participated in the given topics and exhibited their talents and also pledged to conserve water. The Best Essay/poem/painting/article/story was uploaded to the CBSE App for evaluation. CBSE Expression Series was truly enriching for the students.

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