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Adolescent Health Programme

 “Adolescence is a new birth, for the higher and more completely human traits are born.”Stanley Hall

In order to provide accurate knowledge to the students to develop healthy attitudes and responsible behaviour, towards the process of growing up Lourdes Central School organised a very important session for the students of class 7 and 8 for boys and girls separately (in two batches) on 17thJanuary 2021 in the A.V Room.

The Boys session began at 9.15 by invoking God’s blessings with the prayer song followed by welcome address and a brief introduction of the resource person Mr. Vishanth Menezes graduated from Aloysius College, pursued MSc in Psychology from the University of Greenwich, London, worked as Healthcare assistant till 2020 at Sundridge care Homes, London, UK.

There were various topics covered related to the adolescence i.e the physical developments as well as psychological, emotional and social issues that take placein their life. The boys were very much interested to know about various facts of their growth, as well as they were enlightened to say “No” to Bullying and other negative behavioural issues. Problems related depression, sexual abuse, anger control and personality development were emphasized in a constructive manner. The boys interacted well with the resource person as he was friendly in approach and respected all their queries and kept them occupied by relating his own life’s experience and told them about certain “do”s and “dont’s”.

The girl’s session began at 11.00 a.m with the welcome and introduction of the resource person Dr. Mariam Anjum Ifthikar, Gynaec Oncologist in Mangalore, also working as  Robotic Surgeon in the department of oncology, A lot of topics were covered by her with regard to physical growth of the girls development of hormones, psychological and emotional aspects, reproductive system importance of healthy diet, problems of sexual abuse, awareness on social media, moral values and  spirituality. On the whole session was very enriching, and the girls were enthusiastic to interact and clear the doubts. She also educated the girls, to respect and to be obedient to their parents and seek their permission and guidance whenever they come across any adverse situations.

Later the Principal Rev. Fr Robert D’souza, while delivering his message said that the students should be responsible and develop healthy habits and refrain from using social media and engage themselves in reading good books and also to give importance to their academics.

The students were very much delighted and were grateful to the Principal who is not only concerned about the academics but also about their health.

The sessions ended by expressing the feelings of gratitude. As a token of respect and appreciation the resource persons were felicitated with a shawl and bouquet of flowers.