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AICS Accelerator-English Language Workshop 2021

The Association of ICSE & CBSE schools (AICS) of DK &Udupi districts in association with Lourdes Central School organized AICS Accelerator a workshop on ENGLISH LANGUAGE, Competencies & Experiential Learning. The initiative of organizing subject related workshop by the schools of this association was spearheaded by the President, Rev Fr Robert D’Souza Principal Lourdes Central School and secretary, Ms Anuradha Shivaram, Principal Manipal School, of AICS to enhance teaching learning skills amongst the teachers within our expanse.

The Resource persons of the workshop were Ms Deepa Dsouza and Ms Shaila Pereira from Lourdes Central School, English department who have many years of teaching experience. The workshop commenced with a soulful Prayer song. Ms Deepa Dsouza, the Resource Person welcomed The President, The Secretary and all teachers’ participants of AICS. There were 100 participants in all. Ms. Vidhya Joseph introduced the Resource Persons

Ms. Shaila Pereira presented the first sessionof the Workshop which focusedon Competency based learning in an English Language Classroom. The importance of Competency Based, its need and different ways to incorporateitinto classroomswas explained explicitly through the help of excellent PPT’s.

Ms. Deepa Dsouza presented the Second Session- Experiential learning in an English Language Classroom. She commenced the session by stressing the importance of learning by doing. The teachers were apprised of the importance of Experiential Learning, the methodology to implement in the lesson plan and how to stimulate interest were discussed and ways to implement them in classrooms were explored. She further reiterated the significance of telling a story through dialogues. The informative and productive workshop focused on using experiences to impart lifelong lessons in classrooms. Many activities like Padlet activity, Word Wall were discussed which would strengthen Experiential Learning.

The Workshop was very engaging, enriching and most enjoyable. The participants enthusiastically participated in the Workshop. The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Ms. Shaila Pereira.