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Career Guidance –Class XI and XII (Commerce)

The Career guidance session was held on 19 January 2022 in the AV room for the commerce students of classes 11 and 12. The session commenced with the MC Vernon D’costa addressing the gathering who then lead us into prayer followed by a welcome speech given by Jagrithi Shetty. The chief guest was honored with a bouquet of flowers and was presented with a shawl as a token of appreciation.

Mr.Manoj Louis began the session by briefing the students on various career options available in the commerce stream with the help of a PPT which massively helped the students get an overall view. He conducted several interesting activities and successfully managed to create an interactive atmosphere which encouraged the students to actively participate in the discussion.

He educated the students on the importance of choosing the right career, not giving into peer pressure, maintaining your mental health, following our passion and skill and also emphasized on the fact that ‘’Career should be by choice and not by chance’’. Recognizing our skill, working hard, focusing on your passion and happiness at the same time were some of the other factors thathe highlighted.

He further helped students get a much clearer idea regarding various courses, entrance exams and employment opportunities available. He also shared numerous anecdotes pertaining to his life experiences which were tremendously applicable and very relatable to student life.

After a quick break of fifteen minutes, he resumed with the session by conducting a very spirited Q & A session which aimed at clearing the doubts and misconceptions of the students regarding their career and  courses . The interaction proved to be very helpful and informative to the students and provided them with ample clarity.

 He marked the end of the session by sharing a very thoughtful piece of advice ‘’ Be focused and stay hungry, for success but not at the cost of others’’ which was then followed by a vote of thanks delivered by Hiya Hegde.