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Career Guidance for Class X 01-03-2021

On the pleasant day of 1st March the students of class X came to the school to attend a session on ‘Career Guidance’. Although, the title of the session was just one topic, the session itself had many more sections touching upon essential topics like time management, study skills, stress management and importance of mindfulness etc. The session began by invoking God’s blessing with the prayer song ‘I just keep trusting my lord’. After which, Ms. Shaila pereira welcomed the gathering.  Mr Vincent Pais, President, CASK, Ms Patsy Lobo, Dr Derek Lobo and Dr Aarathi Kamath members of the Catholic Association of South Kanara (CASK) were present on the occasion. The guests were honoured with bouquets of flowers by the Principal Rev. Father Robert D’Souza.

Ms Patsy Lobo gave a brief introduction of the speakers and also about CASK just before the session began. The first part of the session was conducted by Ms Aarathi Kamath who addressed the importance of time management and study skills. She shared a few tips to make studying easier and less stressful. The next session was taken by Dr. Derek Lobo, who touched upon the topic of career guidance. He urged the students to really think about their decisions and introspect what they want and what they excelled in. He spoke about the bigger picture and long term goals dealing with job opportunities and what employers look for in a candidate. He put skills on a higher pedestal than education. The next session was effectively deliberated by Ms Patsy Lobo. She spoke about Mindfulness and the importance of appreciation. She encouraged the students to keep calm all the time and cry whenever they felt like, as it is a healthy practice to vent out our emotions.

The entire session was fruitful and the students were greatly enriched. The session ended by the proposal of vote of thanks by Ms Annie Lobo. All in all it was very informative and enriching session to all the students.