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Career guidance for commerce students 25-02-2021

A Career guidance session was conducted on 25 February 2021.Welcome speech was delivered by AmithDmello of XII.The chief speaker for the day was Mr.VaikuntPrabhu. He is a banker turned entrepreneur, with experience spanning across banking and education domains in sales, operations, HR assessments and administration. He is part of many businesses as an investor and coach.Our Principal Rev Fr Robert D Souza,addressed the students and highlighted the importance of commerce in the current world and how important it is to go beyond the syllabus to increase one’s horizon.

He began the session by interacting with the audience and enquired about what prompted us to opt commerce. He further explained the scope of commerce and stated commerce is the third largest sector for admission and has only been increasing since the past two years. He addressed the professional careers in India and abroad.

He further explained the skill set required to break into a lucrative industry which entailed ability to work in a team, ability to work under pressure, communicate your ideas effectively and efficiently. He explained various professional like CA India, CMA India, CMA USA, CS India, CPA US, ACCA, Data science.

He clearly explained the various stages of CA i.e. CA Foundation which can be pursued after plus 2 and the exams can be cracked in the month of May or November. CA intermediate which has two sectors of four subjects each. CA finals which again consists of 8 subjects and can be divided in packs of two.

He addressed those students who would like to take over their family business. That they had to innovate ideas for their strong market standing and that we would have to adapt to the current environment when required. He discussed various topics which were crucial to the commercial industry. He gave real time examples of various people who had same positions in a company but were paid differently and also explained the reasons for the same which motivated the listeners to take up professional courses.

He took the liberty to walk us through a real life incident of two students in IIT Suratkal and explained the differences between one can make by putting in effort, hard work and determination towards adding value to yourself. He further stated to introspect on our self and how we can improve in the coming years.

The talk concluded after a Question and Answer session where many students raised questions regarding benefits of CFA and asking the speaker his inspiration in being the Co founder of four companies. 

The vote of thanks was given by Hiya Hegde of class XI. Mr. Prabhu was then honoured by Rev. Fr. Robert D’souza and Vice Principal Mrs.BelitaMascarenhas who presented him with a token of appreciation.