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Class 4 Lourdites were taken to Tannirbhavi  Tree Park for half a day’s picnic to get an experience to live amidst a  serene and pleasant environment.

The morning commenced with the Principal greeting the students, praying for them and instructing them of their safety.

Once the students boarded the school  along with their teachers and auxiliary staff they kept singing prayer songs and the songs of their choice till they reached the picnic spot.

On reaching TBTP the Lourdites were welcomed by the forest officers. They were amused to see the sculptors of Chipko movement, tribal village, tree house and the like. The Lourdites of class four relished the breakfast and lunch which was served to them by the renowned caterers.

Playing on the beach with their friends was the most enjoyable movement of every Lourdite more than enjoying in the play area. They expressed their desire to revisit the place with their family and friends.

The jubilant students adhered to the Principal’s instructions as to leave the studies, worries, pain, sadness etc in the school portals and have a gala time at the TBTP.

The picnickers returned to school in the late afternoon and returned to their homes with unforgettable memories.