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Class 4 picnic to Kadalakere Nisargadhama

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”

An educational cum recreational trip was organised by Lourdes Central School to the students of grade 4 to Kadalakere Nisargadhama Moodbidri on 25th February 2023. A group of 140 students accompanied with 9 staff members left the school campus at 9:00 a.m. in the private transportation, after a prayer session led by our Principal Rev Father Robert D’souza. The first stop was at the Saavira Kamba Basadhi a Jain temple noted for its 1000 pillars in Moodbidri. The picnickers were welcomed and escorted by the forest Rangers officers. Students visualized the beauty of this temple and stone carvings on the pillars. Students had a close encounter with the Shwethambara and Digambara spiritual leaders.

The final halt was the destination – Kadalakere Nisargadhama, also called Saalu Maradha Thimmakka Udyanavana. The scenic beauty enrolled the picnickers and quickly became one with nature, running around, jumping, playing, relaxing and imagining how the bullocks raced in the fields when they spotted the Koti Chennayya Kambala gaddhe.

The fourth grade students were also given information on the different types of bamboo plants, planted in the bamboo park. The watermelon juice was quiet relishing which was served as a welcome drink to beat the heat, hot samosas was a happy treat which added carbs and gave them extra energy to jump and play. The sumptuous veg pulao, gobi manchuri, kabab and raita quickly vanished from the picnickers plates as they gobbled the meal into their hungry stomach. An ice cream after the meal was a cooling dessert.

Post meals was a “picture me” session, students and teachers walked into the greens to get the right shots. Students had a gala time taking pictures with their teachers and friends. After a late afternoon snack time consisting of croissants, tetra juice and orange, students quickly jumped into their respective buses to return to their beautiful LCS campus. The Merry making ended with a thanks giving prayer and students were safely handed to their parents at 4:00 p.m.