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                CLASS 8  PICNIC REPORT : TO ANJALI WATER PARK         

The school had organised a picnic for cCass 8 on 3rd  November to  Anjali  Water Park Brahmavar. There were  106  students accompanied with 7 staff members  fully packed in two busses :one for girls and one for boys. We left at 7:15 am and reached at 9 :15 am to our picnic spot. The students were exceedingly animated and sang songs till they reached the venue . As the students saw the 3 slides in the water park , they were extremely thrilled . For breakfast the students were served with a burger and juice . Everyone jumped in the pool with excitement.  There was rain dance  where the students could not resist to show their talents . The wave pool was something that the students enjoyed the most  . For lunch we were surved  with biryani and other side dishes like  chicken kabab for non-vegetarians and  gobi- manchurian for  vegatarians and French fries followed by an ice – cream . The lunch was surely appetizing . Everyone had a lovely time playing in the water with a ball and especially on the slides . A group picture was taken were the students modelled in different poses . The busses started homeward journey at 4 :15pm and reached the school campus about 6:25 pm . The students were given snacks on the way . The day was concluded by saying the prayer “OUR FATHER”, thanking the lord a safe and wonderful day . Everyone had a big smile on their face which indicated that they had a marvellous day.