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There’s something for everybody at Picnic day
And there was happiness on every picnicker’s face.
Grade four students gathered in the school grounds for a small prayer and later escorted by a team of eight teachers and two ancillary staff to the school buses allotted to each section. The bus reached the destination and the care taker of Tannir bhavi Treepark was all set to greet the students and teachers with a welcoming smile.
The students were thrilled to make a note of all the medicinal plants and trees and also enjoyed watching the sculptures of chipko movement, jungle tribes, local folk lores like bhoothada kola and many more informative things.
Once they were seated on the wooden panels in the amphitheatre few students showcased their talent in kannada singing to commemorate Karnataka Rajyostava, after which they had the breakfast.
Once they had their stomach fill, the revelers went running letter skelter,swinging, going up and down in the sea-saw, sliding, playing cricket, volley ball, building sand castles on the sand, plucking the wild flowers on the beach and medicinal seeds and many more things.
When they were tired, the students were made to squat on a tarpaulin spread by the forest rangers so that they would meditate and pray for same time and after a good wash they were served sumptuous biryani both veg and non veg as per their requirement . Once the children had savoured the biryani, they again had a chit chat with their friends, and finally after a short prayer, as an icing to the cake every child was made to forget their tiredness by giving them a chilly idea sundae.
With a happy face, children of four returned back to school and handed over to their parents after a thanks giving prayer.
Unless you are at a picnic, life is no picnic- Jane Wagner.