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3rd November 2018 was a bright, sunny day where we, the children of class VI were ready with our bags and caps. It was a day of enjoyment, the Class Picnic to Manasa Water Park. 126 students, the class teachers along with three additional staff members gathered in the school ground. The Principal prayed for the success of the Picnic. We left the school at 9:30am  in the school buses. Though a short journey, we enjoyed it, sharing the snacks and juice we brought.

After reaching the venue around 10am, we quickly changed into swimming costumes and had breakfast. Then we headed towards the small pool and enjoyed going on the family slide, wavy red slide, a tunnel slide and a zig-zag slide. After sometime the big pool with extremely big slides opened. Again we all enjoyed the space tunnel slide, steep wavy slide and family slides. All the fun and frolic enjoyment made us feel hungry hence lunch  was served followed by dessert, a cone ice-cream. After the lunch break, we enjoyed thoroughly all the rides for two more hours. When the whistle was blown for us, we  got out of the pool and changed into regular school uniform. Had evening snacks and a glass of refreshing watermelon juice.

Gathered again class-wise in the Manasa Campus, thanked the Lord for all His blessings on the Class Picnic throughout the day and headed back to LCS.

Through this picnic we learned to share, care for each other and adjust with each other. The friends got a lot of time to spend with each other. The professional swimmers helped those who were in need of them.  It was indeed a memorable picnic.

Elisha Baptist & Mansi Maxin

Class VI C



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