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CLASS 7 PICNIC : 2019-20
On a pleasant morning of 2nd November 2019, the students of class 7 were all set to go to John’s water park,Karkala.
The Principal, Rev.Fr.Robert D’souza addressed the students regarding safety and briefed the following points:
•Students need to be disciplined throughout the journey.
•Care should be taken when they get into the pool.
•They need to take care of their belongings.
The most awaited journey began at 7:50 am after invoking God’s blessings through prayers. The students were excited to reach the destination. They enjoyed singing songs and having a gala time in the bus.
As we reached, students were thrilled at the sight of the picnic spot. After having sumptuous breakfast, they were enthused to play in the water. They danced to the tunes with great energy as drops of water flickered on them.
After a tiring and fun filled morning, students had a delicious lunch in the afternoon. Later, they continued having a great time with their friends. Utmost care was taken about the safety of the students.
At 4:15 pm, they relished the ice-cream and snacks that was served to them. The glimpse of happiness on their face expressed it all. Around 6:00 pm, the buses reached the school campus. The parents were waiting to receive their children. They were now enthralled to share the experience with their parents.