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CLASS VIII PICNIC- A Trip To Pratham Inn Resorts

A  Trip To Pratham Inn Resorts

The students of class 8 were taken to Pratham Inn resort for a well deserved trip on 6th October. When  all the students had reached the campus, the teachers and students were led into prayer by the Principal Rev Fr Robert D’souza.  He then briefed the students about the do’s and don’t’s. Soon after, the students boarded the bus at 7.10am.  Although it was a long journey, students enjoyed the music played  in the bus. We reached the picnic spot  at 9.20am. The students were eager to get into the water and would have done so in a matter of seconds but were stopped by a scrumptious breakfast. Soon the students changed into their picnic attire and jumped into the pool. The pool had a huge slide and all of us conquered it within a few seconds. After playing in the pool, they proceeded to lunch at 1.00pm. But a tummy full of Biriyani and ice-cream couldn’t stop them from jumping into the pool for a second time.  Finally at 3.30pm all students were instructed to come out of pool and change into dry clothes. After an incredible time in the bus on the way back, the students assembled in the school ground. Teachers and students offered a prayer to God for keeping us safe on the picnic day.