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A Day of Recollection and Prayer

A Day of Recollection and Prayer

 “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I in the midst of them”                                                          – Matthew 18:20

A day of recollection and prayer was organised by Rev Dr John Baptist Saldhana, Manager LCS and Rev Fr Robert Dsouza, Principal LCS on Saturday 22 August, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon to offer prayers in time of pandemic for the suffering world and to bring a change for the good of the people. The entire catholic staff of Lourdes Central School and St Francis Xavier School participated actively in the prayer session.

The recollection began with a session by Rev Fr Robert Dsouza who led the talk with prayer songs, anecdotes and stories with a view of boosting the morale of the people gathered to face the present dire situation during the pandemic. He stated that we need to overcome our fears and most importantly follow all safety guidelines as instructed by the WHO. He was of the opinion that what one has to fear is fear itself. So, during these trying times we need to muster courage and act tactfully to make our surroundings and workplace conducive and safe. Through very apt stories he made everyone realise the eternal love of God and the need for us to be patient to receive the best from his bounty.

The session continued with a talk led by Rev Dr John Baptist Saldhana, beginning with invoking the blessings of the Holy Spirit. He elicited the positivity that the people experienced during the lockdown period. His focus was on the role played by teachers post-pandemic. The Rev created an allegory to explain the role of a teacher in a student’s life. He also shared real life experiences to elaborate on the importance of a being a true, able and genuine teacher to the taught. He reiterated that we as teachers need to equip ourselves to face challenges post Covid-19.

The session of recollection and prayer concluded with the Eucharistic celebration and veneration of the Holy Eucharist by the main celebrant Rev. Fr Clifford Fernandes. He guided the staff gathered to introspect and be in peace with oneself. He shared anecdotes to say that we need to humble ourselves to receive the graces from God. He also said that we need to pray for others and when we pray together our prayers are truly heard.

The entire staff had a great opportunity to renew spirits and get geared up to face trials and be prepared for the time after the pandemic.

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