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Ek Bharath Shresth Bharat, the programme undertaken by the honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, aims to enhance interaction and promote mutual interest between people of different States and Union Territories. Therefore, one of the agenda in the list was quiz for students to test their knowledge and thinking skills on the beautiful State of the North i.e Uttarakhand.

Following the guide lines chalked by the CBSE, LOURDES CENTRAL SCHOOL organised the first round of online Google Form Quiz for class III, IV and V on 23rd October 2021 where 442 students participated.

The round two and final round were conducted offline on 27/10/2021 in the school Audio-Visual room.

Ma’am Sunitha, the convenor for the activity welcomed the Principal Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza. Father Principal congratulated the four teams which were named after the important cities of Uttarakhand, Ranikhet, Binsar, Dehradun and Nainital. He also guided them how to use the buzzer and the microphone.

The four rounds included, multiple choice questions round, the buzzer round, the visual round and the rapid-fire round. The team consisted of Class III, IV and V students who wholeheartedly worked for their team. The participants who excelled in their intelligence, quick fingers, kinesthetic dominance and instant memory were:

Shiven Alva of class V D, Jacob Sequeira of class IV C and Prabhav Bhaghavath of class 3 D, all belonging to Nainithal team.

The quiz master Ma’am Flavia was at her best and encouraged the participants to do better in every round. Ma’am Deepika was quick to say the score which motivated the participants and the audience. Thus, an environment was created that was conducive to learning and understanding in a very entertaining and joyful manner.



The activity ‘Weave a Way’ was conducted from 8th November to 12 November. The aim was to promote mutual understanding among people. On account of this our school conducted many activities and a lot of useful information about Uttarakhand was shared during the school morning assembly. On 8th November an introduction on the State of Uttarakhand was given by Erica Fernandes of class VII and Saanvi Rao of class IX recited a poem titled ‘Thop’ written by Viren Dangwal. On 9th November, Ridhi Chowta of class VIIB recited a poem written by Girish Tiwari named ‘Bol Vyapari Thab Kya Hoga’. On 11th November, a poem by poet Pradeep Rawath ‘Kyun Dubna Chahte Ho’ was recited by Rovina of class VI. Esther Fernandes of class VIIA recited a poem named ‘Kaisa Ho School Humara’ by Girish Tiwari on 12th November. Parnika Holla of class IXA recited a shloka in Sanskrit from the Upanishad. On 15th November, Aryan Shriastava recited a poem in Hindi. An activity on ‘Weave a Way’ was conducted on 16th November. Thus this activity exposed the students to the alphabets, proverbs and unique words of the paired State Uttarakhand.


Lourdes Central School celebrated the Statehood Day of Uttarakhand on 9th November 2021 with the morning assembly. The programme began with the Universal Prayer followed by the prayer song.  Abdul of class VIB gave the thought for the day. Intentions were placed by various students of class VI. Erica of class VI briefed about the formation of the State of Uttarakhand. Saanvi Rao of class IXA spoke about the poet Veeren Dangwal of Uttarakhand in Hindi. Birthdays were celebrated with great pomp and show. The programme concluded with the school anthem. Druthi of class VIA compered the programme.



Our unity is our strength and diversity is our power- Kamla Harris.

Lourdes Central School in connection with “Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat” organized the activity‘Children’s Film Festival’ on 18th December 2021 for the students of classes I to IX. In correspondence with this, the students of class IX conducted the morning assembly in the school lobby. “Unity in Diversity is India’s strength; there is unity in every corner of India. This is our strength.” With this quote the Masters of CeremonyAatish of class XA began the assembly followed by the universal prayer and prayer song led by the exuberant school choir. Continuing with our faith in God, Shahan Bryan of class IXC placed the intentions before the Lord.

Amber Furtado of class IXB gave an overview of the importance of children’s movie by highlighting the role played by them in bridging the cultural gap between different states.  Just like literature reflects itself, movies or films throw light on the culture, ethos and value system. They reflect the values and beliefs of the people inhabiting the region. Movies are, in a sense, an excellent vehicle not only to bridge cultural gap between states and regions, but also to bring about an integration of the rich and diverse cultures of our great nation. Films impact the everyday life of ordinary people and play a crucial role in creating public opinion. Society is reflected in movies and in turn movies influence the society by challenging its moral or value systems and bringing about the transformation in the way people think.

Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens. It is imperative that all efforts are made to help our future generations to understand the rich cultural diversity of our great country India.

The Ek Bharat Shresht Bharat programme offers opportunities to students and members of the social and cultural group to learn about each other’s state. The state in focus, Uttarakhand is endowed with culture which is rich and diverse. To bring its beauty in real life we had our students of class IX along with Melron of class XI on the keyboard and Aston of class X with the guitarsinging a melodious song- “Daali Daali Phoolon Ki”.

The Principal of Lourdes Central School Rev. Fr. Robert D’Souza encouraged the students with a quote on Self Discipline by Helen Keller. Every event has its end and we concluded the programme with the school anthem.

To keep this idea of bridging the cultural gap the school organized film screening for the students of classes I to IX. For classes I-V, Mahek Mirza- A Kranti Kanade’s debut directorial venture tells the story of its protagonist 11-year-old Mahek who dreams of becoming the very best at everything, but is unsure of how to achieve her goals. This movie inspired students to focus on the positive aspects of life.

While, for classes VI to IX the award winning Kumaoni film “Aas”, written and directed by Rahul Singh Bora was screened which depicted the beauty of “Aas” in its economy of words and the power of its realistic depiction of social milieu and visuals that capture the deep bond between the little boy and the little goat. The film essentially propagates the message that Balipratha (animal sacrifice ritual) can be prohibited altogether if people raise the voice against it.