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HEALTH WEEK 15.07.2019 – 01.08.2019


“The groundwork for all happiness is good health”


In order to draw the attention of young generation towards the importance of good health of mind and body for a healthy society, Health Week was observed at Lourdes Central School from 15.07.2019 to 01.08.2019.

The week was inaugurated during the assembly by the school nurse Ms Jasmine, testing, Principal Rev.Fr Robert D’souza’s blood sugar level. During the week, every day’s assembly witnessed some important health tips.  Awareness talks were organized for students and staff during the week on various topics relevant to their respective age groups.

15.07.2019 – talk on Adolescence and puberty to the girls of classes 6 and 7 by Dr Geetha kamath and to the Boys of classes 6 and 7 by Dr Sukesh.

19.07.2019 talks on Re-productive system to the students of classes 9 and 10 by Dr Deepak Shedde.

Talk on Gynecological problems and precautions by Dr Hema Mallya to the staff of LCS.

18.07.2019 talks on general health in teen agers to the students of class 11 and 12 by Dr Amitha Rao Aroor.

26.07.2019 talks by Dr Rajesh to the students of class 8.

A team of doctors from A J and KMC hospital conducted the routine health check up for students from KG to Class 12.

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