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Health Week 2022

Health Week Report

Date: 20/06/22 – 25/6/22

Theme: Be Healthy be Happy

Happiness is the highest form of wealth says Dalai Lama.

To achieve a healthy life style a week long programmewas observed and a series of activities were conducted with the aim of achieving complete healthy and happy life.

Aims and objectives:

  • To inculcate healthy habits
  • To build up immunity
  • To promote mental and physical health
  • To instill health consciousness
  • To have happy mind in a happy body
  • To develop a healthy attitude towards life

20.06.2022: Day 1-Mindful Monday / Inauguration of Health Week

The day began with the morning assembly conducted by class 7 to spread awareness about social and emotional health. Eva of Class 7 was the compere.  The Principal Rev Fr Robert D Souzainaugurated Health week by unveiling the food pyramid highlighting the importance of nutritious food to gain healthy life style.

The day marked with observing social and emotional health which in turn develops social and emotional skills to be happier and perform better academically.

Following are the Tips:

  • Start a gratitude practice
  • Initiate selfcare practice
  • Facilitate safe socialization
  • Showing empathy
  • Learn new skills
  • Communicating clearly
  • Stay connected to family and friends.

Fr Principal in his key note address said that one has to be happy in order to be healthy. He urged the students to Stay positive and be positive

Surprise activity for students for the day was toDrink two glasses of warm water early in the morning.

21.06.2022: Day 2Tasty Tuesday / International yoga day

The day’s assembly began with invoking God’s blessing. The students wereapprised that our food should be our medicine and our medicine should be our food. Good food is the foundation of all.  The day’s highlight was having nutritious food and avoiding junk food thus avoiding unhealthy calories.

Students of class 2 sang an inspiring song on the theme: I love food sign of assuring love. Students of Class 3rdpresented a motivating skit on the theme Good Nutritious Food. Principal advised the students to be harmonious with nature to create joyful inner world and stressed on the importance of yoga in one’s life. Classes 1- 5 were encouraged to bring traditional food of Uttarakand for their lunch break.

Surprise activity for the day was to do some walking or breathing exercise for 10 -12 minutes.

International Yoga Day:

‘Yoga, an ancient discipline, is one of the best practices you can adopt for both physical and mental well-being’. Lourdes Central School celebrated the 8th annual International Yoga Day with the theme “Yoga for Humanity” on 21 June 2022 in the Roof Top Auditorium.

The Chief Guest MrShivaramRai, the Yoga Practitioner and Yoga Therapist spoke on the occasion and said that by practicing yoga one can control health disorders like stress, vertigo, cardio-vascular disease, indigestion etc and has to be practiced regularly. He stressed on the theme ‘Yoga for Humanity’ and stated that one has to spread the benefits of yoga.

The Principal Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza addressed the students and said that yoga makes one harmonious with nature and joyful in one’s inner world. He highlighted the importance of yoga and the benefits it offers to the mind and body. He expressed that yoga is the best practice for good health and wished all the students a very happy International Yoga Day.

22.06.2022, Day 3: Wellness Wednesday/ International Music day

The day commenced with the quote “Music is the universal language of the mankind says Henry WarWadsworth. Music helps to stay connected to one another. Sonia of class 10 gave a befitting thought on this occasion: ‘Where words fail music speaks where words fall, music begins’.

Music is the short hand of emotions. The world music day is celebrated every year   on 21st June to pay respect to the singers and musicians. And on this occasion our LCS students exhibited their talent and mesmerized us with their eastern and western musical skills

Thanvi Bhat played a piece on the Saxophone, Melron Lobo on the keyboard, Ashton played the Guitar, Samrudh Pai mesmerized all with the Flute PratheekRaoset the rhythm on his Tabla.

Fr principal enlightened the students on the importance of music and said music brings health and relives tension, calms our anxiety manages pain, aids to work productively. Love music gain health.

Surprise activity for the day was: Listen to your favorite music while walking or exercising.

23rd June, Day 4: Thoughtful Thursday

The best way to cheer you is to try to cheer someone else up. So the thoughtful Thursday began with a positive note. The students were apprised on the significance of equity awareness: Equity awareness means everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be healthy. Health is achieved when everyone can attain their full health potential. It was a call to raise awareness how equity impacts all areas of wellbeing. Here are few tips on Health:

  • To wash hands properly with soap and water.
  • Eat less salt as eating salt too much of salt can raise your blood pressure.
  • Getting a good sleep

The Principal, Rev Fr Robert D Souza urged the students to respect others & inculcate good values.

24th June – Day 4 Family Friday

Families are like branches on a tree. We grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one. So on day 4 LCS reflected on the theme: Family Friday where life begins and love never ends. To highlight the importance of family a motivational skit was enacted.

Fr Principal gave a message to learn to enjoy every minute of your life; something outside yours will not make you happy. Learn to enjoy every moment of life by making families happy.

On this day a talk for the staff in connection with LCS health week on the topic Health and wellness was held on 24th June, in the AV room. The resource person MsFreedaAlmeda who is a certified health and wellness coach delivered an informative talk on managing and maintaining good health

25th June Day 5 :The finale day

The finale of the health week was conducted withthe morning assembly inviting each one to keep the body in good health. A song titled to ‘Take care of your health’ was sung.A health pledge was administrated urging all to take care of health.

Fr Principal addressed the students and said that all successful men and women are big dreamer’s work everyday to be big dreamers and in order to have a good dream good sleep is required.

The health checkup was organized done for the students of LCS during the health week. Doctors and Nurses from AJ and KMC hospital helped the school and rendered their services during the Week.

The students decorated the Notice Boards with thought provoking slogans and quotes stressing on the importance of health and wellness. We appreciate the tremendous work done by the committee members.