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Report on interactive session of class 4 for the year 2017-18

The first interactive session for the parents of class 4 was held on 7th June 2017 at 9.30 am in the Audio Visual Room, in the presence of Father Principal, Vice Principal, Teachers teaching class 4 and Parents.

The session commenced by invoking God’s blessings through a soothing prayer song sung of the choir of class 4.Ms. Vaishaki, class teacher of class 4C emceed the class 4 inter active session and Ms. Sowmya, class  teacher of class 4B welcomed the gathering.

Class teachers and subject teachers introduced themselves to the parent community, after which the coordinator of the Primary Exam Cell, Ms. Sunitha briefed the parent community with the new CBSE Examination Pattern through a PPT. Soon after the briefing, the parents were given time to clarify their doubts and Principal answered to the parents’ queries.

Ms. Vaishaki along with the Vice Principal conducted the PTEC election for class 4A, B, C and D respectively.

In his address Principal Rev.Fr Robert D’Souza proudly announced the 100% results secured by class 10 and 12 respectively for the year

2016-17. Later father gave a few insights as to how the school and the parents can collaborate and help every student of LCS  to  grow into a fruitful human being.

  1. Father stressed the importance of parental involvement in their ward’s studies rather than sending them to tuition classes.
  2. Discouraged “emotional blackmail”. “You get 10 on 10, I will give you a new mobile”. Give them time to use parent’s mobile under their supervision.
  3. Make use of the remedial classes rendered by the teachers.
  4. Refrain from meeting teachers on other days of the week other than Monday. For dire needs prior permission has to be taken from the principal to meet the teachers.
  5. Encouraged homemade food rather than junk food and canteen food.
  6. Practice Car Pool and be a role model to students and other parents.

Father Principal thanked the parents for coming in great number and congratulated the newly elected class representatives.

 Ms. Aruna, class teacher of class 4D delivered the vote of thanks.  The   class 4 inter active session concluded at 10..30 am.

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