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Jyothi Pradhan 2021-22

Life brings tears, smiles amd momories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever

‘Jyothi Pradhan’ was organised for the outgoing students of Class X and Class XII at the school Grounds on 26th March2022. The programme commenced at 8.00 am. The programme started by invoking God’s blessings. Prayers of the faithful were led by the teachers Ms Deepa Dsouza and Ms Janaica Fernandes, and student representatives – Monvish, Amith, Shlok Rai and Cleton.

The Vice Principal Mrs Belita Mascarenhas welcomed the gathering and  enlightened on the significance of the day.

Manager Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha, Principal Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza and Vice Principal Mrs Belita Mascarenhas lit the lamp. They were joined by the head boy Srijith Hegde, Head Girl Richelle Saldanha, Deputy Head Boy Steve D’Mello And Deputy Head Girl Shreya Arbi.

The pledge was led by the Head Boy Srijith Hegde. Samith Shetty of Class X and Heba Basheer of Class XII shared their fond memories in the school which was heart touching.

The Principal Rev. Fr Robert D’Souza addressed the students and told the students to go into the world, face the challenges and make a difference.

The Manager Rev Dr John Baptist Saldanha spoke on the occasion and said to be thankful to God Almighty as our life is a gift of God. He also urged the students to be responsible and grow with values. The School Choir wished the students adieu and farewell by singing ‘days have rolled years have passed’. The vote of thanks was delivered by Hiya Hegde Class XII. The mementos were presented to the students by the Manager and the Principal. The programme was compered by Andrea and Nawreen of class XI.