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Jyothi Pradhan- 2021

The Jyothi Pradhan programme for the students of classes X and XII 2020-21 was held in the school grounds on 09.04.2021 at 8:00 am. The outgoing students with their parents were present following the Covid protocol and SOPs. The staff and students of class XI were also present.

The Manager Rev. Dr John Baptist Saldanha, Principal Rev Fr Robert D’Souza and Vice Principal Mrs Belita Mascarenhas were the dignitaries present.

The programme began with the Universal Prayer followed by the Prayer song by the School Choir led by Mr Ivan Mascarenhas. In this prayerful ambience the prayers and petitions of the students were placed before the Almighty by Ms Deepa D’Souza and Ms Shaila Mascarenhas.

Light is not the mere absence of darkness. It symbolises a new beginning, illuminating our path and destiny. The Manager, Principal and Vice Principal lit the lamp followed by the class teachers of classes X and XII. Student representatives Ananya Ravi of X A, Angeline of X B, Parikshith Bandary of X C, Ananya N of XII A, Lester Fernandes of XII B and M Atul of XII C joined in lighting the lamp.

Numa Sherif of class X led the students in taking the pledge to remain faithful to their Alma Mater and to carry forward the values imbibed.

Vice Principal Mrs Belita Mascarenhas gave the welcome address in which she encouraged students to hold on to God and to seek help whenever needed.

Rishal Pinto of class X shared her experience from Kindergarten to class X. She expressed her gratitude to the staff for making the school a ‘Home away from Home’. She then took us down memory lane by recounting the activities conducted in school.

The school choir then gave a melodious rendition of Adieu.

Kamya Dayanidhi of class XII A recounted her memories. She expressed her gratitude towards the Principal for conducting numerous activities and competitions online during the current pandemic.

Principal Rev Fr Robert D’Souza in his address said that ‘Jyothi Pradhan ‘ is not just a farewell programme. Rather,on this day the students stand on the threshold of the Institution and they are presented as able and accomplished citizens,  to go and make their mark in the world.

The Manager Rev Dr John Baptist Saldanha encouraged and motivated the students to be the light in the world to dispel darkness. Students receive light from the Lourdite family and they should march forward with a goal,  purpose and mission in life. Students are like small flickering lights whose purpose is to light other lives, then only their own life will become meaningful.

The Vote of Thanks was proposed by Anshisha D’Souza of class X followed by the School Anthem.

Class teachers of classes X and XII along with the class representatives presented the Principal with a token of gratitude and affection. The programme ended with the distribution of mementos to the students as a souvenir of the memorable time spent in the Alma Mater.