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LCS Art Day-2022

Art has the power to transform, to illuminate, to educate, inspire and motivate.

Lourdes Central School again makes itself unique and outstanding by celebrating LCS Art Day.

The Art teachers Mr Thyagraj and Ms Revathi put in heart and soul together to make this day a vibrating one and indeed it was so.

The colourful day began with the special morning assembly with the theme of ‘ART’. The Principal Rev Fr Robert Dsouza, Vice Principal Ms. Belita Mascarenhas and Rev Fr Anush D’Cunha S J were present.

The dignitaries were warmly welcomed by Rithika of Class 8. The significance of the day was eloquently presented by Nidhi Sarah John of Class 8.

The Principal Rev Fr Robert Dsouza inaugurated the event by painting a picture. The other dignitaries and students too joined in.

Students of Class 10 Suhenaa Suma Darshan, Pragathi Rao and Vaishnavi K painted a beautiful scenery on the spot and mesmerized the gathering. Fr Anush D’cunha S J spoke on the occasion and encouraged all the students to develop their artistic talents. He also mentioned that art keeps a person cheerful and motivated at all times.He gave various examples of successful people who spent their stressful time developing their artistic talents which helped them in their career.

Students were also acquainted about ‘Aipen Art and ‘Warli Art’ which was displayed in the campus and a vibrant song related to Art was sung.

The Principal, Rev Fr Robert Dsouza, in his address stressed on the importance of art integration, to incorporate ideas and showcase artistic abilities into all subjects. He further said that students must go beyond the academic realm and have the desire to learn fine arts.  He appreciated the Art teachers Mr Thyagaraj and Mrs Revathi for their encouragement, guidance and organising today’s diversity in Art Exhibition.

Remarkable talented works of students from Class 1 to Class 10 was exhibited in the school campus.  Students also enthusiastically took their hand at painting Warli art on the walls of the school compound which left everyone speechless.

Over all the L.C.S campus reflected a promising and motivating environment which made the L.C.S Art Day truly a colourful and artistic one.