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LCS Day of Preparation 27-02-2021


The entire Lourdite family observed the ‘LCS DAY OF PREPARATION’ on Saturday, 27th February. All students used the day for organising their study table, Time table, note books and preparing for the Final Examinations. It was a call to all Lourdites to gear up and be prepared.

The LCS teachers too spent the day in organising their tables, book racks etc. The class teachers and subject teachers had meetings at class levels to discuss on the best methods to help students in facing and preparing for academic excellence.

This day set aside for preparations was truly a meaningful one and a resounding success, with positive responses sent across by the students and parents.

 The student, teacher and parent fraternity is greatly indebted to the Principal Rev Robert Dsouza for organizing this day and for initiating ‘The LCS Day of Preparation’.