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LCS Reading Week-2022

Today a reader, tomorrow a leader”- Margaret Fuller

Reading is an important skill that needs to be developed in children. The ability to learn about newsubjects and find helpful information on anything from health problems and consumer protection to academic research into science or the arts depends on the ability to read.The National EducationPolicy has placed emphasison ‘how to read’, ‘learn toread’ ‘read to learn’ and hasbrought about the criticalrole of reading in a student’slife. Hence, LourdesCentral School has taken  forward the ‘Reading Mission2022-23’ launched by the CBSE, celebrating the LCS Reading Week from 27 June 2022 to 2 July 2022.

The reading week commenced on 27 June 2022 with the morning assembly dedicated to the reading mission. The Principal Rev Fr Robert D’Souza inaugurated the LCS Reading Week by unfolding a pop-up book and reading the thought-‘ Reading teaches, expands our minds, enriches our lives, shapes our dreams, opens doors and inspires us to become who we are’.  The students of class IX hosted the assembly, administered the pledge  swearing their allegiance to reading responsibly. The notice board for the Reading Week was designed by the students of Class XA with effective quotes and messages.

An array of activities were planned and executed during the Reading Week for KG to Class 12.

Day 1 – Monday, 27-06-2022

Model reading by the teacher with voice modulation, clarity and articulation for KG to Class V.Reading the newspaper in any language along with parents and family members for Class VI to Class XII.

Day 2 – Tuesday, 28-06-2022

Students to follow the teachers’ instructions and read a paragraph from a story book aloud for KG to Class V. Share the benefits of reading newspaper for class VI to Class XII.

Day 3 – Wednesday, 29-06-2022

 Know the benefits of reading from the teacher for KG to Class V. Express your views on reading skills and tools for effective loud reading for Class VI to Class XII.

Day 4 & Day 5 – Thursday, 30-06-2022 & Friday, 01-07-2022

To sit along with parents /guardians and read their favourite story book for KG to Class V. To write an article for the school magazine for Class VI to Class XII.

Day 6 – Saturday, 2-07-2022

Students to share the stories they have read with the class for KG to Class VI.To share articles in the class for Class VI to Class XII.

The LCS Reading Week 2022 concluded with the active participation of the entire Lourdite family, with the Lourdites taking forward the task of reading responsibly and spreading knowledge.