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‘The LCS Regale’ to all at Lourdes Central School is a metaphor for fun, frolic and enjoyment, a true manifestation of childhood. It is ‘the Day’ most awaited by every Lourdite.

‘LCS REGALE’ 2019 was celebrated on Friday, 15th November at the school open grounds.

The dignitaries for the day were Rev Fr. Wilson Vitus D Souza, the Manager, Rev Fr. Robert D Souza, the Principal, Ms Belita Mascarenhas, the Vice Principal, the Management committee members, PTEC Vice President Mr Sankara Subu, PTEC secretary Ms Valentina Rodrigues, the Head Boy Danish Pinto, the president of the function and the chief guests of the function were the twenty one student representatives from classes KG to XII to mark the 21st year of the school.

The Principal Rev Fr Robert D Souza welcomed the gathering, wished the children and emphasized on the importance of family time. He invited everyone to enjoy the day and take away wonderful memories.

The Manager Rev Fr Wilson Vitus D Souza wished the children and said that every child is unique and has a purpose in his/her life. He added that we have to identify and nurture a child’s hidden talent. The Manager along with the dignitaries inaugurated the event by releasing the balloons and cutting the ribbon.

The President Mr. Danish Pinto and the Chief Guests Hebba Basheer addressed the audience and acknowledge the Principal, the school management and the teachers for organizing the event just for the students and their family.

Rion Valder the Deputy Head Boy proposed the vote of thanks

Regale 2019 hosted a stage for the students, parents and teachers to showcase their talents. The students performed to their best and entertained everyone. The game stalls were a treat to the children who tried their luck and skills at various novelty games.  The food stalls kept the students in complete energy till the end of the event.

To add to the grandeur of the event the students of class 12 performed a flash mob.


 The programme was compeered by Ms Linet D Souza and Ms Janica




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