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Online session on Stress Management -Class 11

A symposium was organized on 23 July 2020 through the zoom online meeting on the topic “Stress Management”.  Students from class 11 together with our dynamic Principal Rev Fr Robert D’Souza and our beloved teachers Ms. Roshini Jose (Math’s teacher) and Ms. Sharmila Colaco (Physics teacher) were a part of this informative session.

The event started with the welcome note by our teacher Ms. Sharmila  which included a short introduction of the guest speaker.   Mr. Sanjeeth Rodrigues – M.Sc.(counseling/psychology) and is the founder of “Mind over Matter”, who addressed  valuable inputs to the students on the importance of stress management and  having a healthy mind, which in turn, contributes to a healthy body.

Speaking on the occasion, he said, how one can feel stressed for a numerous reasons and that there is no specific age for one to feel stressed. He also went on to highlight the fact that, it is not only you who feels stressed, just like us all our peers/colleagues go through the same emotions. Thereafter, he carried on to mentioned about some of the reasons for stress and how to handle it.  The reasons he gave included: 1) Mannerism – the way one speaks can make the other person uncomfortable which leads to stress. One  should always make sure your tone or speech does not make the other individual uncomfortable. 2) Lack of sleep- remains to be the number one reason for student stress. It can activate the flight or fright mode in a person. So, one should get enough hours of rest daily. 3) Ego and shame – people normally feel talking/ sharing their situation or seeing a counselor makes them small. This is a wrong notion. The best way to relive stress is to talk about it to someone. 4) Indecisiveness– making a decision can be one of the most stressful moment. Some are gifted to make decisions easily while others may not.  One can improve this skill by reading or having a mentor to go to when stuck in a dilemma. 5) Procrastination/Multitasking –   delaying things or doing more than one job can put one in a stressful place. The best way to avoid this is to use some Time Management skills. 6) Nature-  due to city life we are exposed more to glass or cement walls. The best way to relieve stress is to be in touch with nature even if it is just a bare foot walk  or having a pet.

He also trained the audiences to tackle stress with positive attitude; by teaching some stress management techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, laughter (sense of humor), letting go, keeping ourselves with creative activity  etc., Later on, an interactive session was held where students raised their doubts fearlessly, which was cleared by the speaker.

Ms. Roshini Jose thanked the resource person for his highly informative and engrossing session. .  The session came to an end and helped students in building self-awareness and positivity among themselves.

This fruitful session acquainted us that in times of stress or adversity, it’s always best to keep busy, to plow your anger and your energy into something positive. It also provided an opportunity for us to share and practice how to prevent, manage and relive stress especially in student’s life and were motivated to face the challenges in life by practicing the methods set by the speaker.