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Parent-Teacher Interaction Session of Kindergarten 23-02-2021

“Connecting home and school make us a great community of learners”.

The Parent-Teacher interactive session of Kindergarten section was held on 17th, 18th, 19th and 23rd of February, in the school. Parents came in batchesfollowing Covid Protocols mentioned by the school and met their respective class teachers.

Parents appreciated the school for taking the great initiative of online and offline classes. This pandemic has given the insight how difficult it is to teach their children. The parents appreciated the way the lessons were taught in a simple and easy way for the child to understand and the student-teacher relationship was kept up beautifully.

In all Parents gave positive feedback and had full of appreciation for the schoolin making the academic year sail smoothly, in spite of the pandemic. Teachers too gave positive feedback and thanked the students and parents for their hard work and the co-operation towards the school management and the teachers.

The parents submitted the students work done for correction. Overall it was a wonderful experience of meeting the parents and getting to know each other.