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Parent-Teacher Interactive Session 2022- Class 4


The maiden class 4 Parent Teacher Interactive session commenced at 8.30 am on Wednesday, 08/06/22, in the AV room. A prayerful ambience was created by the students’ choir of class 4 followed by the Master of the ceremony Ma’am Neetha Pinto inviting Ma’am Sowmya to welcome the parent community.

The next on the agenda was the introduction of the teachers teaching class 4 quickly followed by the Exam coordinator explaining the Scholastic area which included assessing students through Periodic Tests and Exams and Subject Enrichment activities.

Ma’am Anitha Thomas, the newly appointed Vice Principal explained the Code of conduct for students .She stressed on the important values of Punctuality, regularity and the like.

The selection of the Parent representative went on smoothly as the parents volunteered to take the responsibility of their ward’s class.

The Parent – Teacher community congratulated and applauded the newly elected PTEC Members.

Class 4 A Dr DattatrayaPrabhu, parent of DwijPrabhu

Class 4 B Ms Ashwini S, parent of JagathAnchan

Class 4 C Mr Shri Krishna, Parent of Shravan Ram

Class 4 D Ms ReshmaJathanna, parent of RoannaJathanna.

Parents showered the session with positive feedback and FrPrincipal, Rev Fr Robert Dsouza appreciated the parents for those positive feedback.In his address, Principal explained to the parents about Extra-curricularactivities.Fr further said that the divided syllabus will be uploaded in the pupil pod.  Uploading of divided syllabus in the pupil pod very soon as per the guidelines given by the CBSE.

Father said that Discipline plays an important role in the life of every Lourdite. Therefore it’s the duty of the parents and the co-parents rightly called teachers to teach self-discipline in children.Father further stressed to inculcate the responsibility of working for our country in the top most positions by answering the UPSC exams and making their Alma Mater proud. The principal requested the parents to stop giving mobiles to their ward and make them a QUALITY STUDENT.

The icing on the cake was a vote of thanks in our national language, Hindi by Ms Aruna Pereira. Principal concluded the session on a happy note promising to meet again very soon.