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Parent-Teacher Interactive Session 2022- Class 6

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success– Henry Ford

A parent – teacher interactive session for Class VI was held on 7-6-2022 in the Audio Visual Room at 8:30 am. Approximately 135 parents attended the session. The session commenced with a prayer song.  Ms Anitha Moras welcomed the Principal, Vice-principal, teachers and parents. The Class teachers and Subject teachers introduced themselves and briefed about the Subject Enrichment activities to be held during this academic year. Ms Gretta Menezes briefed the Parents about the Assessment pattern for the academic year 2022-2023. Vice-Principal Ms Anitha Thomas explained the rules, regulations and norms of the school.The Class Teachers conducted the election of the PTEC and following parents were elected as the representatives:

Class 6 A       Mr Amith Mishra

Class 6 B       Mrs Soumya Suresh

Class 6 C       Mr Gaston Cardoza

Class 6 D       Mrs Liya Mariam Kurian

The Session was kept open for feedback, queries and suggestions.  One parent was of the opinion that Sanskrit should be included as a regular language. Fr Principal categorically said that the School offers four Languages – English, Hindi, Kannada and Konkani. Hence subjectson-request such as French and Sanskrit will be taken up after school hours with additional fees.

Fr Principal in his address appreciated the participation of the parents and congratulated the newly elected PTEC members. He further encouraged parents to appreciate students participation in all academic activities and to support the school with their valuable ideas. Fr. exhorted all parents to speak positively about the school, so that children will not have any negative impact on their growth and learning.  Parents were requested to meet the teachers during the interactive sessions and Open House and correct their child if required. Fr Principal further said that their wards must do their daily chores independently. He narrated: how the birds, the tigers and other animals teach their young ones to feed themselves and be self-reliant but we human beings are too possessive of our children and keep feeding them instead of teaching them to face the daily challenges and teach them to work and live on their own.

He also said that real life stories will be an inspiration for the students and that the teachers would narrate life stories in classes too.

Referring to the reading mission in school in the month of June Father said that it is very important for our students to read and gain knowledge. He also said that the UPSE exams conducted recently didn’t have any candidates from DakshinaKannada,rather they had more of candidates from the other parts of Karnataka. Father asked the parents to get the students well prepared after the JE exams.

Father Principal reminded parents to guide their children to bring books according to the daily time table and also to bring separate tiffin bags to reduce the weight of the school bag. He also cautioned on their usage of the gadgets and internet and there by avoid student’s misusing it.

Fr Principal concluded by informing his address the parents that revision and remedial classes will be conducted after the First Periodic Test and that if there was any problem regarding discipline and academics to feel free to meet the Principal anytime. Fr also said that parents must encourage students to read the newspapers, read moral stories, and encourage the students to enhance their creativity. Father Principal stressed on discipline and asked the parents not to de-motivate the students nor anyone in the presence of others.

The session came to an end with a note of gratitude by Ms Noeline Pais. Ms Asha Shet compered the session. The Parent teacher interactive session was an effective and memorable one.