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Parent-Teacher Interactive Session – Class IX -09.06.2021

Education is a shared commitment between dedicated teachers, motivated students and enthusiastic parents with high expectations -Bob Beauprez

The Parent Teacher Interactive Session for class IX for the academic year 2021-22 was held virtually on 9th June 2021 at 4:00 p.m.

The programme began with a prayer song. The Principal Rev Fr Robert D’Souza, Vice Principal Ms Belita Mascarenhas, Subject Teachers and parents were welcomed to the meeting.

Subject teachers introduced themselves, the subjects and classes they taught. MsGretta briefed the parents on Online class ethics and internal assessments.

The Principal requested the parents to give their valuable suggestions, observations, positive motivations and queries if any.

In his messagethe Principal thanked the parents for attending the Parent Teacher Interactive Session. He also quoted-“Well begun is half done.”

  • He said that the purpose of this session was to educate the parents on academic doubts.
  • He told the parents to follow up their wards throughout the year regarding academics.
  • Students have to follow the ground rules by not misusing attendance and internet.
  • Parents have to observe and motivate their children
  • The school has started the academic year by teachers interacting with the students through phone calls, giving positive strokes, boosting the students and counselling.
  • According to the new education policy, in future we may have to follow different types of evaluation. Criterion may be set to evaluate students’ performance. Students to attend classes regularly.
  • All information to the students will be posted from time to time.
  • He also said that two pages of school diary for the month of June/July were posted in the group.
  • If Teacher-Student interaction is required once again parents can speak to them.
  • The Vice Principal and school counselor are ever ready to interact.
  • He also told the parents to motivate their wards and speak positively. To keep a good relationship,peace of mind and healthy atmosphere and togive guidelines to their wards at least for two years for going out in order to protect themselves and others.

The Principal thanked the management, teachers and parents for their support and said to work together for quality education.