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Parent-Teacher Interactive Session – Class V -09.06.2021

The union of the teachers’ plan and parents’concern can immensely help a child’s educational journey.Lourdes Central School always encourages the parent’s active participation in the school activities and their opinions are incorporated in the planning for the academic year.

The first parent teacher interactive session for class 5 was held on 9.6.2021 in two batches at 11:00 a.m. to 11:40 a.m. for Classes 5A and 5B, 11:40 a.m. to 12:20 p.m for Classes 5C and 5D, to strengthen the bond between the parents and the school.

Both the sessions began with the prayer song.The parents were welcomed to the virtual meeting.Teachers introduced themselves to the gathering. MS Apoline Lobo, Coordinator for the primary section briefly explained the golden rules for the students especially the online etiquettes. MS Suneetha. K, exam cell coordinator briefed about the exam pattern and grading system.Then the session was kept open for the feedback and the suggestions.Principal Rev.Fr Robert D’Souza answered all the queries.

  • Date of the exam to be informed well in advance, to which the Principal replied that it would be done so.
  • Diary pages for the month of June and July are already sent. Once the lockdown is lifted diaries will be printed and given to the students.
  • In the online class chance must be given for the last roll number student and he replied yes it will be done.
  • When to collect the books, the Principal replied once the lockdown is lifted arrangements will be made.
  • Whether second Saturday is a holiday and he replied it will be intimated to the parents if the need arises.
  • During fourth period not able to give the attendance because of network issues, he replied to inform the particular subject teacher through a message in the WhatsApp
  • Principal requested all the students to mute the audio during the online classes so that all can attend the classes without any disturbance.
  • One parent had a problem with the network and asked to suggest a good network so that child can attend the class without any disturbance, to which the Principal replied that it will be looked into and a solution will be brought about.
  • He recognised the support and cooperation rendered by the parents in the school work.
  • He also advised the parents to encourage the students to have a break after each period, to take part in all the activities and to follow online etiquettes.
  • He asked the parents to feel free to send any suggestion or feedback to the school email ID and it will be answered as early as possible.

All the parents acknowledged the systematic planning and execution of online classes and all the activities conducted. They congratulated the School Management, Principal and the teachers and wished success for the future online classes.