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Parent-Teacher interactive Session Class X- 2019-20

Parent-Teacher interactive Session Class X 2019-20

Parent – teacher interactive session for class X was held on 6th June 2019 in the AV Room. The meeting started with a prayer song.

Ms Linet welcomed the gathering.

Ms Anita Thomas and Mr Henry Mascarenhas briefed the parents about the school rules and regulations and also explained the importance of discipline in everyone’s life.

Ms Gretta Menezes informed the parents regarding the changed pattern of evaluation for the year 2019-20.

She also emphasized on the importance of health and physical education and art education.

Parents clarified their doubts on NSQF and basic mathematics.

Parents requested for work sheets after every unit. Fr Principal said it will be uploaded to the pupil pod.

Vice principal highlighted the value of charity and motivated the parents to contribute towards the birthday fund. She also requested all th students to make use of remedial classes.

The election of PTA representatives took place. The following are the parent representatives: Ms Rani Manjula P/O Trisha of Class XA, Ms SumithaPatnaik P/O Shreyas Patnaik of class XB and Ms Manju Kushva P/O Suryanshi Of Class XC.

Fr Principal congratulated the parents for attending the meeting in large number.

He announced the results of class X and XII of 2018-2019.

He advised the parents to restrict the screen time of students. He also invited parents for PTA general body meeting which will be held on 22 nd June.

He requested the parents to support the school wholeheartedly and meet the teachers only on Mondays.

He insisted the parents to show valid ID while entering the school and stressed that students will not be sent home in between school hours.

He urged the parents to take active part in conserving the environment by car pooling, and following traffic rules.

Finally Fr Principal requested the parents to prepare their wards for the best outcome along with the teachers.

Meeting ended with vote of thanks by Ms Jayashree.

Ms Deepa D Souza, Compeered the session.