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Parent-Teacher Interactive Session – Class XII -11.06.2021

The parent teacher interactive session for the academic year2021-2022 was held on 11thof June at 4.15 p.m for the students of class XII.

It began with an introduction followed by playing the prayer song ‘In His Time’.

The gathering was welcomed and thereafter all the teachers of classes XI and XII introduced themselves.

Mrs Roshini Jose stated guidelines regarding the etiquettes to be followed during the online classes. She mentioned the various apps used i.e zoom app for the regular class and google classroom for project/assignment submission. Her presentation gave a bird’s eye view on the tests and exams for the academic year along with their subject wise marking scheme. She also mentioned that the school will be conducting various competitions for the welfare of the students.

All the teachers gave a positive feedback with a few suggestions

  • Requesting students to switch on their camera and answering the questions by unmuting their microphone.
  • One of the parents raised a question asking if there was separate whatsapp group for the parents for which the Principal replied the parents should stick to the official school whatsapp group only and not create other whatsapp groups.
  • He also threw light on topics like physical activities, relaxed studies etc.

Parents appreciated the efforts of the school teachers during pandemic to educate our students.